A Writer Without A Space

Written from: Bedroom in the afternoon

My name is Amy Becker and I’m a writer without a space. It’s not the most unusual situation; lots of writers find themselves writing in nooks and crannies around their home or city. Currently, I have my kitchen table, and a little nook in our sun room. I also have options at the library and coffee shops in our little Colorado town.

Being without a dedicated space to write requires some creative planning. I can’t leave pages of notes scattered on a desk. But today’s mobile society makes it a lot easier to get work done wherever you happen to be. Coffee shops and libraries have free wifi most of the time, and just about every house has a kitchen table. Laptops make moving around the house to work easy.

Right now, I do most of my writing in my bedroom. It’s quiet and comfortable. I work nights as a news writer for a media company’s wire service, so I can relax in my pj’s and go to bed as soon as I’m done working for the night. My other writing gets done right now on my couch or back in the bedroom. Sometimes the kitchen island is a good choice, but I haven’t taken advantage of that much.

In this blog, I want to share not only tips for finding niches to get some writing done, but also ways to come up with writing ideas and taking unique approaches to your writing. This is a place where you can get started with your writing journey or find some new approaches along the way. I’ll focus on creating a writer’s journal, niches for writing, approaching your writing like a sport, the value of speed writing programs, and other topics of interest to writers.

Writers can work in lots of different places, so its not always necessary to have a dedicated space. Visit me here to learn about different writing spaces and approaches that can work for mobile writers like you!

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