My Obsession With Magazines

My Obsession With Magazines

I love magazines. Ever since I was given my first Seventeen magazine when I was 12, I’ve been obsessed. I find the covers colorful and appealing, and each new issue fills me with hope that I’ll learn something new and be touched by interesting stories.

I used to subscribe to between eight and twelve magazines a month. I’ll admit it was hard to keep up with all the issues, but some I would read cover to cover in a matter of hours. Now I subscribe to Texture, an online magazine subscription app, and it is my favorite app ever. It has a selection of hundreds of magazines and you have full access to all the issues. I have around 15 listed in my Favorites library, and topics vary from fashion and decorating to news and hobbies. I love the variety of magazines available and the low monthly rate. (No paid endorsement here, just LOVE the app).

I think what appeals to me most is taking in tons of different topics in bite-sized pieces. I think that’s what makes me want to write for magazines. I’ve done some freelancing in the past and am working to build back my freelance business. I like that I can pitch an article on how to open up communication with teenagers to a parenting magazine on the same day I come up with a query for the ten most practical things to pack for a Spring Break for a general interest magazine. (Those queries are going out tomorrow!)

Finding success writing for magazines requires persistence, a love of rejection, and a good understanding of your market. My obsession with magazines helps me to see what types of stories a publication puts out. Knowing a magazine’s writing style is also a key to targeted querying. If you know what they’ve published in the last six months, you can get an idea of what they may be interested in for an upcoming issue.

If you have an interest in writing for magazines, another important thing to do is check out the publication’s submission guidelines, which are usually found on their website. These let you know how they want to get queries, what types of departments they have that they use freelancers for, word counts, style, and subjects to avoid. That way you don’t send an awesome poem to a women’s magazine that doesn’t publish those.

Magazines are a great way to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world. My small mountain town in Colorado doesn’t have a lot of clothing stores, but all I need are my copies of In Style, Vogue, and Glamour to catch up on the latest trends. Decorating, food, news, and general interest magazines connect me with what’s happening in other parts of the country. Hobby magazines give me an easy way to get in depth, accessible information on special interests.

I admit I never get through all my issues each month, cover-to-cover. But I can scan the table of contents and pick and choose stories that interest me, either as a reader or from a writer’s perspective. And I don’t even have to feel guilty about not reading a whole issue.

Are you obsessed with magazines too, or do you have the opposite reaction? Share your opinions and your favorite titles in the comments.

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