DIY Writing Retreat: Motivating Yourself to Get Things Written

On the first weekend of June, I held a DIY Writer’s Retreat in my hometown of Buena Vista, CO. I set aside part of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to focus on my writing goals and to reflect on my process as a writer. I found the experience to be extremely satisfying and productive.

I started Friday with a hearty lunch, followed by a session dedicated to blogging this experience. After a short break I did some reading in “Writer’s Digest” about plotting a novel. Our local library held a Community Read event for the book Long Way Gone by an author from the area. I picked up copies for myself and the women in my book club and so far the book is pretty good. I’ll link a review once I finish it. I finished up the night with a reflection on my process as a blogger before spending some time with my family.

I spent Saturday morning at a book sale for an organization I belong to before breaking for lunch. During the afternoon, I read about the querying process for freelance writers, spent some refreshing time outdoors, and got away to the library for some brainstorming on markets for freelance articles, This was probably my most productive move, as I found lots of potential publications for some article topics I’ve been puttering with. I ended the day with a reflection on my freelancing goals.

Sunday morning began with Bible Study and worship, as it always does. After lunch out, I spent much of the afternoon at a local coffee shop outlining plot details for the cozy mystery I’m working on. I finished up the retreat with a final reflection on myself as a fiction writer and an overall assessment of the retreat.

The great thing about creating your own retreat is that you can set your own goals, your own activities, and your own timeline. By purposely setting aside time to concentrate on writing and meeting your goals, you give yourself permission to focus on a passion you have without having to travel somewhere or incur great expense. I will admit that my area is particularly scenic, which made the experience even more enjoyable, but every town has its nooks and crannies that can provide inspiration.

I plan to do this again next June. What about you? Are you planning your own retreat? Comment below with your plans or reflections on the idea of a DIY writing experience.


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