It’s NanoWrimo Time!

This is the month you finally write your novel, or at least that’s the idea behind the NanoWrimo movement. November is National Novel Writing Month, and organizers of challenge writers to get a 50,000 word draft completed in just a month. That averages out to a bit over 1,800 words a day.

Every year I sign up, but so far I’ve never finished. Call it the distractions of work and family, the holidays, or just plain laziness, I usually start out bold, but end up fizzling out about halfway through. I’ve signed up again this year, but I’m adding a new component to my challenge: public accountability. Every week, I’ll post an update on my progress (or lack thereof) without fail. The specter of possible public humiliation may finally get me moving on a cozy mystery that’s been on my mind for at least ten years.

NanoWrimo’s website has a host of resources to help you successfully complete your project, whether your a plotter or a pantser (just start writing and see where it goes). I’m a plantser, which means I have a general outline and wing it from there.

I highly recommend the book No Plot, No Problem! by Chris Baty (you can find it an autographed copy here.)

If this is the kind of challenge you’re into, I’ll see you in the trenches!

Comment below about your NanoWrimo project, your work-in-progress, or how you feel about a speed-writing project like this one.

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