It’s (Re)Launch Day For Writer Without A Space!

Today’s the official (re)launch of Writer Without A Space! Some new things you may notice:

  • Refined focus: A fun way to look at writing through a reader’s eye. Tips and techniques for how to connect your reading life to your writing life and improve your enjoyment of both.
  • Book reviews! Ok, those have always been there, but there will be many more added in the next few weeks, including a monthly round up of my latest reads.
  • Links to swag for the writing lifestyle. I love to find new things that will add to my writing experience. (Some links may be affiliate links, but most aren’t. I’ll let you know when they are.)
  • A new design! With a new platform and a new layout, the site should be easier to navigate.
  • Coming soon: Interviews with authors about their works and writing techniques to give you the inside scoop about the publishing world.

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