Weekend Reading About Fighting Racial Injustice 6.26.20

Protests and social unrest have brought the issue of racial injustice and police violence toward people of color to the forefront after the death of George Floyd while he was being detained by Minneapolis Police and the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville after a no-knock raid on her apartment. It brought the idea home to me that it is no longer enough to not be racist; we must actively be anti-racist. As a white woman, I want to become more educated about the cultural conditions that people of color live with. So I am sharing some links to books I’ve seen recommended about racial justice and anti-racism, some books by people of color, several resources, as well as an incomplete list of black-owned businesses to support.

Books to educate yourself about racial justice and anti-racism.

Here are some great choices for contemporary literature by black authors (left off the list are one of my favorite authors, Jasmine Guillory, the book Get a Life, Chloe Brown, and my current read, the non-fiction The Pretty One by Keah Brown).

Mysteries by black authors (love, love, love Walter Mosely).

A (non-exhaustive list) of black-owned bookstores to support.

Options for donating to organizations that support racial justice.

A survey of black-owned restaurants across the country.

Meaningful ways to support social justice organizations.

Standing up and being heard is a key to a functioning democracy and a strong society. Silence is no longer an option, on the issue of racial justice, police violence, and many other issues. Exercise your Constitutional right to peaceable assembly and to freedom of speech to make a change now on issues you care about.


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