It’s All In The Set Up: Cozies With A Fun Premise

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Let’s all have a quirky time…

Murder is serious business, but sometimes I just need to immerse myself in a mystery with a fun set up. For those moments, I turn to cozies with crazy best friends, wacky main characters, and fun settings. There are plenty to choose from if you know where to look. Here are some choices I’ve found:

My Favs…

The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich

The queen of the funny (and steamy) cozy (in my opinion), Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series follows an unlikely bounty hunter (who keeps her gun in a cookie jar) and her journey through each book to find skips (people who skip out on their bond) and solve murders, while trying to keep from getting killed herself. The supporting cast is funny without being laughable and create an atmosphere of controlled chaos and a (did I mention steamy?) love triangle that is super fun. You could read these out of order, but to catch all the character storylines, start at the beginning with One for the Money.

The Agatha Raisin Series by M.C. Beaton

The Agatha Raisin mysteries are true English cozies. Agatha moves to a small town and gets involved in all sorts of shenanigans. She has a quick wit and a quirky personality. She is no retiring Miss Marple type, but is dynamic and active. She wants to get involved in her town and makes friends and enemies along the way. I found the first book in the series, The Quiche of Death, to be absolutely hilarious and other books in the series don’t disappoint.

The Lobster Shack Mysteries by Shari Randall

Cozies are known for their punny titles, and this one really caught my eye. As the series begins, Allie Larkin has returned to Mystic Bay to help in her Aunt Gully’s lobster shack. Aunt Gully enters here famous lobster rolls in a contest, where one of the judges dies just after eating her roll!

The puns continue as the series goes on (the second book is called Against the Claw)

The quirky characters and the fun setting make this series one not to miss.

The Aunties Series by Jesse Sutanto

The combination of a young woman who (accidentally) murders her date and her four outspoken Chinese-Indonesian immigrant aunties who help her get out of hot water is outstanding. Their efforts to hide the body while trying to put on a wedding and arrange a romance between their niece and a man she used to date are hilarious. The characters are quirky (I keep using that word!) and genuine and far from stereotypical. I’m excited to read the next installment.

Recommended To Tickle Your Funny Bone…

The Southern Sisters Series by Anne George

This series is high on my TBR. Patricia Anne (Mouse) is a respectable southern woman, while Mary Alice (Sister) is flamboyant and bold. The two continually find themselves in the middle of some really dicey situations. The series plays off their opposite personalities and a cast of wacky and genteel characters to get the girls out of hot water.

Happy reading!


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