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I’m glad you’ve found your way to the Get Cozy Book Nook. Here at the Nook, I like to share my perspective on the reading lifestyle — all those things that make your reading life better. You’ll find book reviews for cozy mysteries, romances, and contemporary fiction (with a little non-fiction thrown in for fun). You’ll also find ways to enrich your reading experience, whether that’s creating your own cozy nook, dressing the part, journaling about your experiences, watching author interviews, or knowing the latest trends in the book world.

I love anything to do with reading and books, and I’ve always wanted to share my experiences. I’m a very seasonally-oriented person, so whether its spring on the patio, summer in a hammock (coming next year to my house), fall at the coffee shop, or winter under a fuzzy blanket on a library chair, in my world, it’s always a good time to read. This space is intended to be a get away, where you can escape to a world where your biggest challenges are reading slumps and library hold wait times, but also a place to find ways to integrate your love of books into your real life. A place for reading life inspiration.

See something that interests you or fires you up? Have ideas about what you’d like to see? Feel free to comment and let fellow Nook-lovers know what you value. Here you’ll find a breezy, judgement-free space to share what you think about the reading life.

All About Amy

Me in five words: wife, mother, book-lover, writer, scrapbooker

My Job(s): News writer for radio media company, (aspiring) novelist, blogger, book reviewer

Favorite Mystery of All Time: Murder on the Orient Express

Favorite Mystery Authors: Agatha Christie (who can beat Dame Agatha!), Joanne Fluke, Leslie Meier, Kate Carlisle, Lynn Cahoon

Favorite Books (other): Pride and Prejudice, 84 Charing Cross Road

I’ve always wanted to travel to: Paris, Italy, and The Bahamas

I spend my free time (if it exists): reading, stamping homemade cards, scrapbooking

Favorite type of mail: book mail and beauty products; clothes and paper crafting items follow closely

How long is your TBR?: Sooo long! I recently narrowed down my Goodreads TBR to just over 100. I own at least 250 between paper books, Nook books, and Kindle that I own. But I find a new book that I want to read almost every day. So however that math works out is how long my list is.

Paper or ebooks?: Paper wins my soul, but I work nights and like to listen to audio books. I also like to read from my iPad in the dark.

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