All About Amy

All About Amy

Me in five words: Book-lover, writer, wife, mother, scrapbooker

My Job(s): News writer for radio media company, blogger, book reviewer

Favorite Books: Pride and Prejudice (all-time fave- I know, cheesy); 84 Charing Cross Road (bookish) and Murder on the Orient Express (mystery)

Favorite Genre: Cozy mysteries for sure

I’ve always wanted to travel to: Paris and The Bahamas

I spend my free time (if it exists): reading, stamping homemade cards, scrapbooking

Favorite type of mail: book mail and beauty products; clothes and paper crafting follow closely

How long is your TBR?: Sooo long! At least 150 between paper books, Nook books, and Kindle that I own. But I find a new book that I want to read almost every day.

Paper or ebooks?: Paper wins my soul, but I work nights and like to read from my iPad in the dark.