Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

A fun and refreshing story about two middle aged adults falling in love. I liked the characters with all their flaws and foibles. They we very realistic and young and fresh, not stodgy.

The ending is satisfying without being too predictable. Some spicy scenes but nothing over the top. 

I enjoy the connections between Guillory’s books and look forward to more.

My Kind of Christmas by Janet Dailey

I always love Janet Dailey books, especially around Christmas time. This was a sweet story that had the right amount of romance and tension to keep you reading Throw in a touch of suspense and you’ve got the whole picture. A fun light read to get you in the Christmas spirit.

**Thank you to NetGalley for gifting me this ebook.

A Wells Landing Christmas by Amy Lillard

I read this book in two days, which is pretty quick for me. I always take on too many Christmas romances, but got this one finished near the beginning of January 2020. I loved the reunification of Zeb and Ivy in this Amish romance and her grandfather was an interesting character. It was interesting to see the push and pull between Zeb and Ivy who take on new opportunities that throw them together at Christmas time for a magical romance. It was a great and emotional story of love and forgiveness. I felt very invested in the characters and it was heartwarming in every sense of the word.

October Kiss.jpg

October Kiss by Kristen Ethridge

**Thank you NetGalley for this free ebook review copy.**

Hallmark Publishing’s October Kiss is based on a Hallmark movie of the same name, and for fans of Hallmark, this book doesn’t disappoint. The book follows the love story of Poppy, newly-minted nanny, and Ryan, a harried businessman. Poppy has trouble committing to things and has tried lots of different jobs, and more than her share of blind dates. Her sister recommends her as a nanny to widower Ryan, who’s preparing for a big presentation. After a disastrous first day with the kids, Poppy wants to quit, but tells Ryan she’ll stay through Halloween, her favorite holiday. Poppy manages to win over the kids with fun Halloween activities, and attracts Ryan in the process. She’s attracted too, but can either of them commit to something that lasts?

The story follows Hallmark’s expected formula, but for those who love those holiday movies, this is a great read. The characters and situations are believable and the fact that Ryan’s an app developer is an interesting twist. I enjoyed Poppy’s energy, but did tire a bit from Ryan’s inattention to his kids. Her sister Megan is a well-drawn character and adds depth to Poppy. I loved the setting and the atmosphere, which is as magically exciting as you’d hope for in a holiday book. The ending is satisfying and heartwarming; just what I look for from this type of book.

I would recommend this for any Hallmark holiday movie fan, but others may find the plot predictable. But that’s part of the fun of a Hallmark book; it’s like eating candy corn: a tasty treat for those who love it, but dissatisfying for those who aren’t fans.

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