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  • Get Cozy With Deborah Blake — The Interview

    Let’s get cozy with Deborah Blake, author of the new book Claws for Suspicion. Its the third book in the Catskills Pet Rescue series. Things I learned: Deborah is a delight! We had a nice conversation that covered her book, her writing process, and some behind-the-scenes info on the publishing process. Deborah has some serious […]

  • Get Cozy With Deborah Blake, Author Of Claws For Suspicion

    It’s time for our April author interview. This month’s featured author is Deborah Blake. A little bit about Deborah: Deborah Blake is the author of multiple romance series, including the Baba Yaga series, as well as over a dozen nonfiction titles. When not writing, Deborah runs the Artisans’ Guild, a cooperative shop she founded with a […]

  • Winter Reading Roundup 2022

    Spring is here! Time to once again believe that I can actually grow things and keep them alive. Also time for walks while listening to audiobooks and reading out on my patio. It is nice to come out of hibernation after a chilly winter. Winter is a busy time for me, so I don’t generally […]

  • Holiday Rebound Reading

    It’s time for a holiday rebound. Just for those of you who like to extend the Christmas mystery and romance reading through the month of January, here’s a list of some great ones I read and two that are still on my list. Feeling the post-holiday blues? Rebound back to that magical time with one […]

  • Reading Roundup – What I’ve Read Lately

    My husband and I live just north of Louisville it’s been devastating to follow the news of all the tornadoes that struck various areas of Western Kentucky December 10th. CLICK HERE to give toward relief efforts if you are so moved at the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief site. I wanted to post a Reading […]

  • Weekend Reading 8.12.21

    It sure has been hot here in Southern Indiana (I live right across the border from Louisville), with temps in the 90s and humidity so thick it feels like you have to swim through the air. But the peaches are ripe, so it’s a good time to stay inside and eat peach cobbler and ice […]

  • Reading Roundup Spring 2021

    Welcome to the Spring Reading Roundup! I have been in a reading slump. Maybe some of you can relate to that lack of concentration that makes it difficult to focus on reading during this pandemic. Even as the world has started to reopen, I’ve still found it hard to concentrate on books. I also moved […]

  • Get Cozy With Abby Collette!

    This week I had the pleasure of chatting with USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling cozy mystery author Abby Vandiver, writing as Abby Collette. Collette’s recent titles include A Deadly Inside Scoop, A Game of Cones, and the upcoming A Killer Sundae, all part of the ice cream parlor series. Watch as we talk […]

  • Coming Soon: Interview With Cozy Mystery Author Abby Collette!

    Are you a fan of cozy mysteries (or even just book talks)? Abby Collette is coming to the Get Cozy Book Nook! Watch the blog on Friday July 30th when I will post an interview with Abby Collette! Our Zoom discussion will happen Thursday, and I can’t be more excited! Collette wrote A Deadly Inside […]

  • New Focus For Get Cozy Book Nook Plus 7 Tasty First-In-Series Food-Based Cozies

    Here at Get Cozy Book Nook, I’ve focused on providing book news readers can use. As time has progressed, I find myself increasingly focus on cozy mysteries (my faves!), and so the tone of the blog is going to change. The main focus of most posts will be cozy mysteries, with some book-related content. I’ll […]